How many yards of fabric to make a jacket

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Fabrics are classified according to the nature of the materials used to produce their fibers, as shown below: Natural fabrics Natural fabrics are made from animal or vegetable sources, including plant seeds, leaves and stems, as well as fibers in animal skin and silkworm cocoons. There are fabric types:

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Cotton, which is one of the fabrics, is characterized by its adaptability to all seasons of the year and is suitable for all weather conditions. Silk: This fabric is considered one of the most luxurious and luxurious fabric types and is characterized by its brightness as well as a very soft texture, being comfortable to wear and suitable for all seasons of the year.

Because it keeps the body cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Linen clothing, furniture, curtains, bedspreads, etc. It is the king of natural fabric as it is widely used in its making and is also one of the best choices for people with sensitive skin.

It is a fabric that is widely used in the production of carpets, blankets and carpets, which is characterized by its resistance against moisture and sweat and gives warmth in cold weather. Woolen clothes. Leather: Soft and elastic, pleasant to the touch, comfortable, suitable for all cold and warm rituals, a very luxurious fabric.

Hemp: It is a soft and durable fabric with a beautiful shine, long-lasting. It is thermally insulated, characterized by absorbing moisture, feeling warm and able to withstand harsh conditions. It is suitable for all temperatures. Besides its resistance to ultraviolet rays, the seasons of the year. Various items such as shoes, furniture, clothes, accessories, curtains, towels and more. Jute: It is a strong and long-lasting fabric that is frequently found in India and Bangladesh and has many uses in packaging, clothing, furniture, accessories, carpets, ropes, ropes and sheets.

Synthetic fabrics are made from inorganic materials or fibers made from organic materials mixed with chemicals. Synthetic fabrics have many properties, some light and transparent, others quick drying and moisture repellent, and are available in very luxurious varieties. Some natural types of fabric and strong and stiff types. Some of the most prominent of these types are:

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Acetate: It is a luxurious and soft fabric made from cellulose obtained by recreating cotton or wood pulp, and this fabric is characterized by its resistance to shrinkage and mildew.

Chiffon: It is made using silk, synthetic fibers, cotton, nylon, polyester or rayon, and is a light and sheer fabric widely used for weddings and evening dresses, parties and scarves.

Acrylic: A lightweight, long-lasting fabric characterized by its low price. It is used in the manufacture of chairs and sofas, as well as garments such as shirts and other women’s fashion.

Organza: It is a thin and light fabric made of silk worms woven with synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester. It is woven with organza silk to obtain a more elegant fabric and one of the most important areas of use is bag manufacturing with its shapes.

Nylon: A fabric made of petroleum products, with light, strong, flexible and durable fabrics, easy to clean and low in price. Nylon is used in the manufacture of various products such as clothes and bags.

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